Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just for fun..."Turtle"

This is a drawing of a turtle I made when I was 3, back in 1971. Thanks to my mom, for saving this drawing.
© Kathleen Rietz


  1. WOW! I've seen many 3 year old drawings and they were nothing as good as this! I love all of the colors you used for the texture on the turtle shell. This piece just shows that you were born to be an artist. :-)

  2. I agree with esillustration; some things you can't fake. A born Artist!

    I wish my mother had saved my work from so long ago. You're very fortunate!

  3. Thanks you two. I am amazed sometimes when I look back at these drawings from my childhood. They help me to remember now to think outside the box! Turtles don't have to be green and brown. : )

  4. Is anything better than children's art? This is awesome. Love your rabbit that you posted also. Keep it up! ;-)

  5. Thanks for your comment on my hippo and tortoise. I love this drawing of when you were 3. My Mom did not save anything. Too bad !

  6. Best turtle ever, and I know turtles.

    Most kids at three scribble.

    I love the jeely beens on its shell :)



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