Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How Unusual!

Debbie Egizio at Seven Ten Lounge in Chicago.I was tagged by my friend Debbie Egizio to blog 7 things that are weird about myself, and then tag some other friends. I don't know if these things really make me weird, but they may be unusual to you, and they make me ME. I can think of other things, but here is my list of 7:
1.) I wear my socks and undies turned inside-out because I hate the feel of seams. (photo courtesy of
2.) I love the smell of silk. Silk...the fabric, not the soy milk. Silk has a warm, earthy scent and nothing else smells like it on warm a summer day.
3.) I met Richard Simmons in 1983. Did you know he is going to be 60 next year?? (photo courtesy of
4.) I cannot whistle. : (
5.) Typos annoy me. When I see typos on a menu or in a newspaper or official document, it drives me crazy. Mainly bad punctuation more than spelling errors, especially when people use a possessive when they should use a plural. (You KNOW who you are!)
6.) I rarely go to bed before 2 a.m. Most nights my bedtime is between 3 and 4:30 a.m. Even as a little girl, I had a hard time going to bed.
7.) I love sushi and sometimes I crave it for breakfast.
I now tag Gingerpixels, Jen Seals and Rrramone!


  1. And now for the judging:

    1. weird, buy tube socks
    2. Weird, do you mean silk the soy milk product?
    3. not weird, who doesn't like Richard Simmons? If you had said Gene, Bart or Jessica, that would be different
    4. not weird, i used to not be able to sleep if the fish filter wasn't running
    5. not weird (perhaps anal :)
    6. Weird (unless you drink blood. which would still be weird)
    7. Not weird since your breakfast time, according to your sleep habits would be about 5:30 pm

  2. Hi Kate, thanks for posting my art from seven ten lounge!!

    Hey, I'm a vampire too! I can stay up until dawn and I've also been that way since childhood. Growing up, my father worked nights. When he would get home I would sit on the couch and watch tv with him until he realized that I should be in bed. I think he enjoyed the late night company.

    See ya buddy!!

  3. YIKES tagged? Oh my. All right I will play. I loved reading about your likes and dislikes. But, you really aren't weird at all, you're an artist.

  4. beautiful site! nice of you to share something about you and we have something in common-i cannot whistle, too and i like sushi a lot!

    thanks for dropping by earlier...

  5. Hmmm, you are not so wierd. I also am a grammar nazi, and also am a huge sushi fan. :-)

    I was tagged for something similar a while back, here is the link to my reply:

    If you'd like even MORE wierd things about me, let me know. Believe me, the list is plenty long. :-)

  6. Well, I guess I never really thought of myself as being weird anyway. Besides, I wouldn't want to make known to the public the REAL things that I think are weird about me. I think I am rather un-weird. Maybe even boring. Boring like, I floss every night and order my salad dressing on the side. I guess as an artist I am supposed to be weird or something. I read a great quote last night "It's not what you see, but ratehr how you see it". I think that is what makes me unique, if not weird.


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