Thursday, April 19, 2007

Coming Soon!!

This is a mock-up of a page I made from one of the digital scrapbook kits I have been designing. Watch for my kits to be sold on a website set to launch in a few weeks - The kits are totally digital, so all papers and elements can be used and reused. I have had tons of fun creating them. I hope my customers will have the same kind of fun creating their own pages and albums!

Also watch for my new digital scrapbooking blog coming soon.

Thanks to my brother Pat and his daughter Alice for the photos.
©Kathleen Rietz


  1. This is really great!! I love your patterns and colors. Too fun!

  2. This great! I can't wait for the site to launch to see all of your designs. You will do great with this..adorable!


  3. Thanks Jen. Creating the patterns and textures has been the most fun. Now it seems so much more real to me after putting the page together. I am pretty excited about it.

  4. Congratulations Kathleen this is so wonderful and fun!


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