Thursday, February 19, 2009

so very unimpressive...

Whenever prompted by certain blogger groups to post photos of our studios, I cringe. Mine is nothing all that impressive, really. Sure, I'd love to have a beautiful expensive easel, hardwood floors, a skylight, track lighting and an awe-inspiring sound system. But I don't. Truthfully, I can't even afford an iPod these days. My easel is cheap...I bought one of the cheapest ones Blick carries and used a 40% off coupon. My rickety old metal closet doors (circa 1972) have been replaced by beige drapes from Wal-Mart. My computer desk (unpictured) has a broken leg and is supported by a thick old book. But this is where I paint and draw and write. Sunshine is happy with the arrangement, and I am glad to have her here to keep me company.


  1. truthfully, I am with you on this. I cant afford flat files, so that looks pretty luxurious to me! Plus you have a dog! Thats the best!! Pouring money into a studio seems like something to do if you are rolling in the cash... which very few people are of their own accord. I was able to get a new computer last year with my husband's help!

  2. Hey Kate!

    I know what you mean. We all wish we had beautiful and studios full of daylight coming from every picture window.. Maybe someday, right?

    In the meantime is nice to be able to find at least a corner to work and the best part is the company of our studio buddies. :o)

    I love seeing your space and your ant illu is looking great!


  3. Kate, You don't need a fancy studio to create your gorgeous artwork. All that is coming from inside where you store a treasure trove of talent, ideas, and gifts you are always willing to share.

    My studio isn't large, is furnished with hand me downs and an assortment of Blick sale items...but it works for me and as long as I have the peace to create and Henry has a nice soft ruggie to sleep on we are happy....just as you must be. It surely shows in your work!

  4. Hi Kathleen,

    I hear you on this one, before we moved into the house that we are work space was in a basement beside an old furnace that shot out black stuff...and a young teenager lived right next to the wall blaring out loud thrashing music...and having parties all night long. I would just sit and create, thankfully I was able to do some of my best work...not even sure how that happened. I guess it goes to show you that no matter where we create, its us that does it not our surroundings. I mean really, a skylight would be nice, but I didnt even have a window....ahaha, just a cranky old hingy thing that was full of spiders, and sometimes reeked of cat pee....haha. I love your work, and just because your easel is not the best, its still good enough to hold your gorgeous art.


  5. The workspace that I have now (since giving up my studio) is a tiny corner of my living room. I can't even fit my easel in our tiny place and I gave my old rickety one away. I'll probably buy a cheap table-top one at Blicks! Two years ago I bought the easel of my dreams with one of my book royalties before putting the rest on bills that constantly bury us. Now that easel in in the garage with all the rest of my art supplies and paintings and they'll probably fall victim to mold.
    But you know what? I like my little space without pressure of making rent for a studio. I have French doors that open out to the yard and Emma at my feet in her bed with the cat close by. I'm starting to settle in there and I'm drawing and painting again and it feels good!
    What I'm saying is what everyone else is saying. The big, beautiful well-lit studios with all the finest equipment would be nice, yes. But when we have art that is bursting to get out and we can make it happen in some small corner~wow!! That's something many people wish they could do.
    I love your corner, Kate.
    It's what you have right now and some amazing art is being created there. And I know you're full of gratitude for having a space to create and an awesome pup by your side. All of the hard work you do will pay off soon and you'll have that space you crave. Maybe it would help you to keep in mind that right now, at this moment you have all you need ;)

  6. I love seeing where artists work, even if it's the kitchen table! What fun it is to see your painting in progress, too. Wow! Those are big spreads!

    Thanks for sharing! Sunshine makes your place very cozy, too! :o)

  7. oh yes, but look at your WONDERFUL filing cabinet. would love one of those. my stuff goes into paper folders, and it is most unsatisfying.

  8. I understand completely! My studio includes an old card table and I use old drawers from a bathroom remodel as shims to change the height of my still life table when I need to -- nothing fancy for me...

  9. We gotta make due with what we have, and your artwork is obviously not affected by your surroundings.

    Right now I draw at my computer desk, and paint on our island/bar in the kitchen, hoping the kids don't spill Kool-aid on it while it dries!

  10. Thanks everyone! I really LOVED hearing about your creative workspaces and your stories, too. Hope i didn't sound like i was complaining. I am very fortunate to have a room devoted to my art....I too have worked out of basements, kitchen and living rooms. : )

    Those flat files! I know, they are awesome! That was an investment when I bought my house 11 years was the first thing to go in my studio! So glad I got them when I did...I could never afford them now and I am so fortunate to have them.

    Thanks again everyone. I'd actually LOVE to see your workspaces, too, regardless of how humble. It is the work that we do in them that is what counts most.

  11. Boy, do I feel stupid. Sitting here under all these skylights, flanked by custom scandinavian bookshelves, built-in flat files, double giant Mac flatscreens, state-of-the-art sound system, towering 10 foot ceilings... wait, the pool boy has a question.... okay, where was I? I did kind of have a mishap yesterday when the Swiss au pair didn't clean my brushes per my instructions. (Petra is her name) I've gone over it many times with her, but you know, that English thing. Just glad to be drawin' pictures for a living!

  12. I guess Bill here is the only one who has a luxury dream studio (smarty-pants).

    It's nice to see that the rest of us don't require much.

  13. Thanks for sharing your humble surroundings! I confess I do enjoy seeing artist's inspiring dream studios, but it's also fun to see the ones that are most like mine (and more attainable!)

    I share an apartment with two friends, so my "studio" is a corner of my bedroom. But I have an amazing drawing desk that I love, and I'm so grateful to have a bedroom big enough for even that, so no complaints here!! I do dream of having flat files someday, though. Right now all my old work goes in an old briefcase under my bed (true story!)

    Maybe I'll share a photo of my "studio" space sometime soon. You've inspired me, Kate!

  14. It is not the actual studio but the artist that resides in it that makes it spectacular...and this is wonderful and full of all of your inspirational work....I have to post my special easel my dad made me ...he always cringes when he walks into my studio about "that old thing, it's not even finished wood" but I love everything about it!!!

    Hugs and thanks for sharing...great to see you back!!!


  15. Thanks for stopping by and sharing such encouraging words! It's a tough pill to swallow when God's plans don't necessarily match your own.

    I shared a picture of my "studio" way back - mine's in the garage wallpapered with my husband's punk rock flyer collection. If I had zoomed out a little, you would see the lawn mower and trash cans. I have to thank Craigslist for the drawing table. My easel is cheap, but it was a gift from my husband the first Christmas after we started dating (sentimental value). Right now, the space heater I had is broken so it's too cold to be out there - even here in California.

    Still, it's my little corner of the house that I can call my own and to get away from all the kid stuff. And Basha will come and hang out with me whenever I'm out there.


  16. I guess I really can't compare with anyone. I have two drawing "spaces": my computer desk where I have to compete with space with my keyboard and my coffee table, where I can lay out my watercolors and watch tv at the same time. Both are temporary spots. I DREAM about having a studio, where I can paint to my heart's content!

    *This pic makes me miss Sunshine and you*

  17. Your paintings are wonderful!!! Love your art studio, looks alot like mine :)


  18. I feel lucky to have a small bedroom dedicated as a studio in this house. However, I am bursting at the seams with *stuff* and dream of a larger space... Wishes are good I guess.

  19. I don't have a studio, it's just my room.
    When I start painting, all things go up side down. Afterthat I so tire to clean up:(

    Your studo is a nice place to paint and workout, I can see that. Glad that your pet is with you.
    I just instinctly love your studio especially the easel and your piece of Artwork!!!

  20. your work is quite impressive though, and that's all that matters

    (i found you browsing in reader)

  21. Ahh, its never so much about the space as the work you are able to produce there! It looks wonderful. Congratulations on your book as well - what a fantastic accomplishment and the illo's are beautiful. Way to go!!!

  22. Kate,

    Its important to remember that you studio is "authentic." Just like fine antiques, this is your patina! :-)


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