Monday, April 08, 2013

Evolution of a Snow Globe Design

In 2012, I signed a contract as a designer with Things Remembered in Cleveland, OH.  I thought it might be fun to show you how a concept changes and evolves until it becomes a finished product that you see in stores, on their website and in their catalogue.

In this case, the concept I drew was for a peacock snow globe painted in beautiful, shiny metallic colors. 

But we felt the peacock was lonely and lacked something endearing.  So we added a peachick.  :)

And we applied color.

And here is the final product.  The image is not very good, but if you click HERE, you can go to the website and watch the video where you will see a close-up, hear the music and watch the movement as the image rotates inside a snow filled globe.  It is quite beautiful.


  1. I love that you shared the process from idea to final product! The drawings are wonderfully endearing.

  2. Kate is an amazing artist. An all around talent that has no limits in her creations.

  3. Thank you for the kind comments.


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