Monday, February 19, 2007

Just for fun...

Here is another vase I made from a recycled iced tea bottle. This is one of my faves....I love these colors!

This is a pendant I made using the ancient technique of casting molten silver in a carved out cuttle fish bone. Cuttle bones are very soft and can be carved into and hollowed out easily using sinple tools. The cuttle bone can only be used once, so each piece is an original. I took a metalsmithing class last year and this was my favorite piece I made.

Thank God, it is 40 degrees here today! I will take the dog for a brisk walk and I have a massage scheduled this evening. The snow is melting and it looks like the cold spell finally broke.

I want to take my acrylic paints out and begin experimenting with them. I have not used acrylics in years. All in time, I suppose...I feel so driven to create art lately. I hope to have a new promo piece done this week or next.

Hope you are well. Here's to creating great art!

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  1. thanks for visiting my blog recently. your work is so varied and beautiful! love your CP work as that's what i'm into at the moment. there's much to learn about it but it's a very zen relaxing medium - good thing cause i have lots of practice ahead lol


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