Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring!!!

© kathleen rietz
Today is the first official day of spring, but I saw my first robins in the yard yesterday. I am celebrating by posting this drawing I made of a robin when I was 4. The first robin sighting of the spring was a big deal in my house growing up. I hope you are enjoying the thaw...wherever you live.


  1. What an excellent representation! I love those feet. Of course, since this is a rather well fed robin, he would need all those talons to balance him/herself.

    How wonderful that you have saved artwork from your childhood. I am going to make it a rule from now on! I have things my children made for me, but after all the moving and the giving things to them to keep, I have fewer than I would like.

    This illustration has future success written all over it!

  2. Thanks Ginger. Yes, I am so fortunate my mom saved these drawings in a big folder. She actually framed some of the drawings like this that my siblings and I made and hung them in our living room "gallery". I have some of the framed drawings now, hanging on my house! Keep everything your kids make for you. They will one day be happy you did! It is so fun to look back at these now...and the robin with the crazy feet! : )

  3. It's great that you still have this. I try to save as much of my kid's artwork as I can. (probably too much)
    I agree with is the feet that make this robin so special. :)
    Happy Spring to you too!

  4. I just love that you post your drawings from childhood. What a wonderful image!! You're so fortunate that these were saved for you. I think I only have 2 drawings that I made before the age of 10. Well, I'll talk to you soon my friend.

  5. radiantwoman4/29/2007 1:01 AM

    Spotting the first robin, we did that too. My mothers collects little birds and robin is her favorite. The bird reminds her of her own strength. When they stand in the snow with those sweet little feet, and they don't seem to mind.
    I have no drawings from under the age of 39. :-)
    Thank you forposting these drawings, they are fun.


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