Sunday, June 17, 2007


Leon left for his annual training with the military last weekend, and I've been suffering through a horrible back injury now since Tuesday. I'm tremendously bored, actually, which is not like me. I can't sit up for any decent length of time, can't drive, and the pain is exhausting enough that I am taking 3 hour naps in the afternoon. It's the weekend, and I saw absolutely no one today. Most days have consisted of ice packs, doses of Ibuprofen, being driven to the chiropractor, and mindless television. I finally got out my camera today and took some photos:
A spider in my bathroom (Do you feel sorry for me yet? I do. This monster has hairy legs.)
I wish I were motivated to make a stirfry (I'm getting tired of pretzels. And sliced cheese.)
My camera did this very strange thing with the colors when I tried to take a picture of my garden today. (Looks cool, I guess. Right?)
All images © Kathleen Rietz
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  1. I hope you're feeling better soon. Keep smiling!

  2. I feel your pain. I slipped a disk. Two and a half years, endless painkillers, and seven needles in the spine later and i'm feeling ok today. Now i'm sure i cheered you up. :)

  3. Hope you get well very soon!! Take care my friend.

    See ya,

  4. Hello Kathleen:
    I understand very well how do you feel!
    But dont worry about it, because i'm sure in a few days all this boring days will be finish.
    Take this time like a " vacation's mind"!
    Take care of you!
    Regards from Italy.
    Pd: cool, your spider photo

  5. I feel ya Kathleen! I was out yesterday because of back problems too ... from sitting too long at work. I enjoyed your blog because I can totally relate. I'm popping ibuprofen too. Wish you could come over, watch some movies, and have some whine with me. LOL.

  6. Thanks Joan! I would love that!

    Thanks everyone! Your little notes are cheering me up...

    -kate : )

  7. Sounds like a lame weekend...but at least you've got some great photos out of it!
    Except that spider...ick! I do hate the spiders.

  8. hey i was wondering if u know what kind of spider that is? i found one in my house too and i'm freaking out lol
    can u email me?


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