Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Life Is Beautiful...

I have been unable to draw or paint this week as I heal from a back injury. I have recently discovered photography as a creative venue.
The recent heatwave in Chicago has passed, and for the past 2 days the weather has been wonderful.
I love the way the sun has been filtering through the trees, creating a spotlight effect on an otherwise shady area of my yard. The result is these 2 dramatic photos of day lilies. These photos are "raw", unretouched and fresh from my camera.
And an old weathered fence...
My sister brought me flowers last week, which lifted my spirit. I decided to photograph the flowers in a way that would convery how they made me feel. I feel loved. : )
All photos © Kathleen Rietz. Please do not use without permission.


  1. these are great pictures! hope you'll get well soon. :)

  2. Beautiful photos! Hope your back is better!

  3. beautiful pictures!
    love the angle and the colors from those flowers!

  4. Ahh... well done! You have an excellent eye in composition. The first two photos reminded me of something I read many years ago. "The darkness and the light are both alike. I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

  5. Amazing, you have such a sense for details.
    Best of luck!

  6. Wow those lilies are gorgeous, beautifully captured against the dark background, so vibrant.
    Bad backs are a scourge, hope you're feeling better.


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