Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunday Afternoon In The Park

Sometmes it's just good to get back to the fundamentals of drawing. These are sketches from Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. My favorite is the sketch of the mother and daughter at the top left. I just like the way their figures look together. The mother looks solid and firmly planted, while the girl has a more playful posture and balances on one foot.© Kathleen Rietz


  1. Great sketches, I like the poses of the mother and daughter and the use of negative space.

  2. Wonderful sketches! I bet it's just outstanding to go to the park and sit,sketch. I sooo envy that freedom! :) Wonderful that you shared these with us!

  3. Kathleen, this is just the thing I like to look at- I really like your sketches! Really rewarding to look at! Thank you for your always uplifting comments... I also really like your favorite book list and Sion and Garfunkel on themusic list! Lead on!


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