Monday, June 30, 2008

4th Flower Girl

©Kathleen Rietz
I am so happy with the way she turned out. When I apply color, I will decide whether she is holding daisies, black-eyed susans or pink chrysanthemum....I have to determine what will look best when I see all the drawings as a group in color.

Growing up, I was never a tomboy. I loved the pretty dresses my mom sewed for me, wearing my hair in curls, watching my mom apply her make-up and Chanel no.5 as she readied for a night out with my dad. I was never much into dolls, though, because I was SO into art from an early age. But now drawing these little girls with their pretty dresses and hair brings back memories of what I was like as a little girl.


  1. I am really liking this series. I especially like this one because you broke the "mold" of the others by having her hold an individual flower separate of the bouquet! Can't wait to see'em all in color!

    Congrats on post 200! And thanks for the link to Pandora Radio. Listening to it now! Cool!

  2. Awww, she's beautiful! I agree with Tom that it is a nice touch to have her smell the flower from her bouquet. LOL. Somehow, I never would have imagined you to be a tomboy anyhow. I, on the other hand, was. :)

  3. Very sweet. Great series, Kate! I look forward to seeing each new piece. Simply BEAUTIFUL!

  4. she's darling....and I vote for black eyed Susans...of course, you're right that they have to "fit"...I look forward to seeing the colored image.

    she may be a "girlie-girl"...but I think she looks like a Cubs fan :)

  5. Hi Kate,

    I love your illustrations and was directed to your blog via Dew Drop Crafts in the UK. Can I ask what medium you use to color your images?

    Keep up the great work!


  6. I LOVE her hair!!!!This series is beautiful!

    I love pandora too.. but now they took it away from us little people living outside the US. Makes me so mad! I was hooked specially since it really manages to understand your tastes in music, awesome concept. Oh well.. one more annoying thing to add to my list on why it sucks to live in a third world country.. ha.. ha ;o)

  7. oh she is so sweet too Kate...lovely series!!


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