Monday, July 28, 2008

Jim Flora and July Flowers

On Sunday I met Andi Butler and her son Owen for brunch and then a drive out to The Lake County Discovery Museum for a Jim Flora exhibit. So cool!

Here is Andi taking some photos of the artwork while something in another room has caught Owen's eye.

I loved Jim Flora's fun designs. Many of his works were inked by hand.

But for me, it was the beauty I saw in the fields outside of the gallery which drew me outward for some amazing photos.

I love Black-Eyed Susans...

This little guy appeared to be doing push-ups! : )

Nature has created the most incredible designs....

This busy bumblebee was hard at work

And I loved the beetle sunning herself on a snowy bed of Queen Ann's Lace.

A perfect ending to the weekend...


  1. Your artistic eye is perfect for photography Kate! I think it's great that you appreciate nature as much as I do! These are really gorgeous pictures! And I LOVE the bugs! :)

  2. Thanks Joan. I do love taking photos. I wish my camera would cooperate more often, though.

    I still have not felt like drawing...maybe because I feel the need to separate myself from my work right now. Photography is so relaxing for me....I can still express my creativity, but seperately from the work I do. And this actually was great "research" for the new book I am illustrating.

  3. Great photos, Kate! Love the beetle doing "push-ups!"

  4. Fabulous photos, Kate! You really have an eye for it!

    Yes, and great research for your creepy crawlies, too!

  5. Hi Kate, we had so much fun and great to see you again! Looking forward to fall, and see what comes to the Museum! Your bug pix are so much better than mine! There on Flickr, if you want to see! Wish I'd taken a pic of my "Oooh La La French Toast" though! ; )

  6. I really enjoyed your photos. I keep grabbing my camera each time a new flower blooms. I especailly liked your black eyed susans!

    The break from drawing and painting is so necessary ... I think it comes as a blessing in disguise and gives us a change to gather in all the beauty around us and save it for later...when we are cooped up in the cold winter and the dark surrounds us. Then you can open up that wonderful imagination of yours and let the colors flow!

  7. oh what fun and how cool that you guys can get together...I wish I lived closer!!!

  8. Holy moly macaroni. Your good with a camera too. Is there anything you can't do?


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