Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I'm a Foodie!

Besides art, 2 things that make me happy in this life are eating and cooking. I love food. I take after my mom. She was cheerful to cook for the people she loved and everything she made was a little masterpiece sitting on a plate. She also was a fabulous watercolor painter and a gardener, but that's another story.

My sister has been bugging me for 3 years to write a cookbook. The problem is, all of my culinary creations are instinctual. In other words, I never write down a recipe or measure anything. I find that ingredients (such as tomatoes) taste different depending on the season in which you find them, so I make adjustments to my dishes according to what tastes, smells and looks good.

But I have decided to start writing down my recipes from time to time and adding photographs to accompany the recipes (when my camera cooperates).

In the winter, I crave fresh juices and smoothies, probably my body's response to the darkness of cold and flu season. So in the mornings, I have been blending my fruits and veggies. Then last night I stumbled across Jo Fong's blog, and found an instant kinship! So in honor of healthy eating and Jo's blog, I decided to post this morning's smoothie. I also made oatmeal-blueberry pancakes from scratch, but they were gone before I could photograph them.

In the future, I will be posting my food photos and recipes on my Potluck Sunday blog (my collaborative blog with Joan Yoshioka), but for now I will give you a little taste:

Blend ~
1 lime, peeled and wedged
1 tangerine, peeled and wedged
1/2 large Rome apple, cored and peeled
1/2 banana
3 generous handfuls baby spinach
3 icecubes

Blend until very smooth!


  1. I'll go and make it now!!! looks so tasty!! =)
    and i'm waiting for your other delicious recepies!! =)

  2. this sounds delicious. unlike you, I am completely lost in the kitchen..though I do love to eat. Perhaps I will have to try a few of your recipes...and I DO think you should write a cookbook...and illustrate it.
    I'm so happy you enjoyed my new piece, I was feeling a bit uneasy about it. (wondering if it was done enough.)
    I will let you know if I find out anything about scanners that make me happy...doubtful though!

  3. A cook book would be so much fun....can you taste the spinach?

  4. Thanks Roberta. You can taste the spinach, but it is balanced by all of the fruit flavors. The spinach sort of stays "in the background".

  5. Hi Kathleen!!! being a foodie is the greatest...I have to also admit to creating things without a recipe...that's why I am glad I started that Daily Art Stop Blog...it forces me to write down stuff so I can share it....

    wonderful post and that smoothie sounds yummy and healthy...


  6. Looks delish! I will have to try this ..maybe today after a visit to the green grocer. Right now I am chomping on an apple and having a hard time typing with one hand. I love your foodie pix!
    And wonder of wonders, the word verification for this post is 'quench'

  7. Hmmm now I'm all hungry. Lovely artwork on here. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. wow your's looks so much more liquified than mine! have u got a high speed blender? mine's probably about 10-15 years old lol

    bottoms up :D

  9. Jo - add more ice. That helps. And yes, it is a high speed blender, although lately it sounds like cattle dying in my kitchen. Maybe Santa will bring us both new blenders.

  10. The top of my blender melted on the stove over the vent for the oven. Don't ask! (husband)
    Maybe Santa will bring me a new on to so I can make this yummy smoothie.
    And what a pretty glass!!

  11. Roberta, you so read my mind! I was wondering if you could taste the spinach, too.
    Looks really yummy!


  12. Aha! This sounds fabulous and very energizing I'm sure. Nice pic also :)
    Post some more! Thank you ...

  13. Thanks for your sharing.
    I will really try on this one Kate, I know how tasty it is because i have been making some...

    I have been sicked for sometimes, I had attempted drinking quite the similar recepies about 6 to 7 big cups a day for a week (detoxification).
    Now I am feeling better, I think my body system can't take it too much for a time. Will slowly re-adjust my lifestyle to fit on this.
    Thanks again, at least I am not lonely pursuing this!!!

  14. That looks delish. You must have a very powerful blender.


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