Tuesday, December 09, 2008

playing in the snow...

For all of you bloggers in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa...happy summer!


  1. aw look at you two! having fun!
    have you trained your friend to make snow angels?



  2. Your dog looks thrilled. But I'll bet he's happier than your governor right now.

  3. Lovely snowy shot!
    You look so beautiful and so contented!

  4. Wow! How cool is that. That's quite a dog you're toting around. :-)

    We actually had little flurries of snow last night, and just a little stuck on my car. For Dallas that is exciting. Hope you are having a glorious winter!

  5. So pretty!! I love how the flash picked up the falling snow.

  6. Hi Kathleen!!!

    Nothing beats playing in the snow...oh how I love that we can enjoy each and every season....

    Great photo!!!!


  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your artwork! Can you send some snow to Texas?? :)

  8. i wished it snowed in India... i've got a horrible cold and no snow... we've had a couple of bonfires... but no snow... i've never even seen snow... :(

    i used to scrape ice off our freezer and make snowballs... then i'd go and pummel my irritating and unsuspecting cousin... >:D

    imagine if i had more snow!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  9. Aw I want snow, I've only ever had one white christmas in my life!

    If only the summer would come, it's still cold and rainy in Melbourne (and Sydney from what I hear). Grey christmas anyone?

  10. Thank you! Yes it is warming up down here. I must say though, being from Canada orginally, it doesn't feel like Christmas without snow!

  11. Still on the snowplay Kate?!
    This is indeed a fun celebration season!
    Can you show us more fun photos of yours....Kate!


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