Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Random Fact #2: I Am Exploring Other Talents

Art is not the only thing that interests me. I have always been interested in healthcare and lifestyle modification from a holistic approach. I recently took a part time job working as a chiropractic assistant. I work with a fantastic group of people; it is both exhilerating and exhausting. I do not have a photo of me in my scrubs, so I am posting this illustration I drew a few years ago for a book about fitness and weight loss.
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  1. What a woman of the world ... an artist and now a caregiver! Is there nothing you can't do? :) You know I looove these drawings! Great musculature. Oh, if you're ever take on clients, sign me up. I need help! :P

  2. WOW! What a wonderful job! The muscles are outstanding!

  3. Hey Kate. . .I have been tagged by Cathy. . .and I came over here to tag you, but I see you have already been tagged twice. . .I am so sorry to do this to you. . .but you have been tagged a third time!

    I love the way you are handling this. . .

  4. Ooops. . .I forgot to say that drawing is execellent!!!

  5. Sherry - Tagged again?? Uuuughhhh....I think my posts will have to cover all the times I have been tagged in the past few months---I cannot think of 24 random facts!!

    Everyone - thanks for yor compliments!

  6. Holy shnikies Kate! I'm floored at how good this is--wow. You are a Jill of all trades AND a master of all. Makes me want to work out (and I just got done doing that)!

  7. This post shows a few things we have in common. You work for a chiropractictor, i have had a total of 8 shots in my back to cure a herniated disk. You're interested in healthcare and live in Chicago, i designed the interface for an interactive display sytem being installed in Northwestern. You draw anatomy incredibly well.... I, er, uh... and I.... oh, i know. i make my students draw skeletons!

    Way cool drawing!


  8. Thanks Alina!

    Steve- So you're a veg-head and into fitness and art - a rare combo for an artist. I'm impressed. Thanks for the kuddos!

    Ian- Ummm....I once designed a set of 3-D hockey paper cut-outs for a scrapbooking company. =) Yes, so much in common...he he. Thanks for the compliment!

  9. hey Kate,
    I have to say this is wonderful, and the guy in it is so cute. Did you hire a modle to pose for you or is this someone you know. Anyways I know this might sound strange but is he single??? He looks like my type of guy... Just wondering???


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