Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Betcha Didn't Know....

I rarely post any of my design work here, but since I am adding these to my surface design portfolio on my website, I thought I might give you a taste. You can check out more of them as I post them on my website.

Yep, I do a little of everything.


  1. oh wow KAte!!! these are so adorable...I am amazed at all the wonderful work you get into....thanks for sharing this...

    Do these come in Adult size

  2. Great stuff!

    I wonder what else I don't know about this artist Kate?

  3. these look great!! I love the gator! You should share this stuff more often, please of course...perfect quote from Proverbs by the way ;)

  4. LOVE these! And yes, diversifying in today's market is the way to go!! I need to do more of that.

    You go girl!!

  5. Beautiful! Love the fishy!

  6. And you do it so well.... please post some of these on the PB blog. I know your group would love to see them. They are adorable, colorful and extremely kid friendly! I LOVE them.


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