Friday, September 19, 2008

A Fabulous Friday

Hello Everyone! I miss being able to post sketches, so here is a little morsel for you.

In about 12 hours from now, my blogger buddy and fellow artist Joan Yoshioka will be landing at O'Hare airport and staying with me for a while. So hopefully I will have some photos to post from our excursions, and maybe even some sketches if we get a chance to sketch together.

I was recently given this award by the queen of virtual cupcakes, Diana Evans! Thanks Diana! Be sure to pop by her blog for some no calorie sweetness.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh, she is soooo sweet! Just look at that gap-toothed smile. It melts my heart. Congrats on the cupcake award! You deserve it.

    Have fun with your friend!

  2. Oh.. she is adorbaly Kate!! I love that she is missing a tooth :o) Really really cute!

    Have fun with Joan! How cool to be together and talk and sketch! Is the internet cool or what?! :o)

  3. such a sweet and charming little child! and i love it that you've used an equally simple n charming pencil medium to draw her, thanx!! :)

  4. I know Diana nominated you but you are also on my daily list of blogs I like to read, so I nominate you too!

  5. oh so sweet to see some of your work again!!! we all miss all your wonderful posts....

    I also love that title..."Queen of Virtual Cupcakes" that is so are a wonderful friend Kate and I am grateful to have met you!!!


  6. daJust doing a little insomnia surfing and discovered you blog. I really enjoyed looking at your work and the fact that you try to be a postive person. You've are very talented.

    God bless

  7. A very cute drawing, Kate! I know you and Joan will have an awesome time together. Have fun ~ :)


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