Friday, March 07, 2008

Character Sketches - "Millie"

©Kathleen Rietz
It's been great working in my sketchbook this week and posting what I am doing. Sometimes I think I get caught up in making finished art for my portfolio in between paying jobs, and do not focus enough on the importance of developing my characters and making mistakes in order to learn from them. I struggle with finding my style and sticking with it. But I notice that when I sketch in my sketchbook, my characters are a lot looser and more fun, and actually pretty consistent. So I suppose I learned something this week. So this here is Millie and her Chihuahua, Bo-Bo. Happy Friday.


  1. I love Millie and Bo-Bo!! This is awesome Kate!! You are on a roll :o)

    How cute, love how Bo-Bo is scared of the stories.. and she is just adorable!! These are all amazing illustrations Kate :o)

  2. I actually seem to always like sketches MORE than finished work, so I think these are great. My favorite is the cross legged pose of the girl with tree, her facial expression is great and the pose looks so natural.

    They are all really nice, please do post sketches more often!

  3. I find a consistency in all of your work, sketches or finished. It's all great! Emma (my chihuahua) approves of Bo-Bo and thinks the bunny is pretty darned cute too :)

  4. Your sketches are great, I love the pencil work, they seem even more expressive than when they are finished. You definitely have your own style with these. Thanks for the comments on my blog, your work is inspiring, and... believe it or not. I grew up in Wheaton, IL and am going to be 40 this year too! Keep drawing in your sketch book, you are coming up with some great stuff!

  5. Thanks everyone! I hope to continue for a while and then have some fun with color again. It is just nice to go back to the basics sometimes. Or, as they say, back to the drawing board! :)

  6. Hi Kathleen....

    your work is perfect...this piece is so have truly captured the cute little characters of these children and I love them already....

    and I agree with more sketches...LIKE EVERYDAY!!!!!!!


  7. Hi Kate, I love all your illustrations. It is a real pleasure to discover you work, thanks for sharing !

  8. I can see your characters expanding with every sketch! I think adding the secondary characters like little Bo-Bo really adds to the piece. Your sketches are the highlight of my day.

  9. I love seeing your sketches, Kate! Little Bo-Bo is so cute too ~ :)


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