Monday, March 17, 2008

Check it out!

Read my first attempt at writing for The Prairie Wind, the e-newsletter for the SCBWI-Illinois chapter. I love to draw and paint, but writing was a whole new venture for me! It was actually kind of fun, and I would definitely do it again if asked. The topic and article length were totally up to me. I chose to write about the history of my career as an artist, and why I now blog.


  1. Very cool Kate! You gave great advice on this, I'm sure people will find it really helpful :o)

  2. WOW that was fantastic! what a wonderful should be very proud! :0) great work

  3. you not only have a gift with have a gift with words...

    you are very talented Kathleen...

    Love all of your stuff..

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

  4. Great article... not to mention some cool illustrataion to compliment your wonderful words.

  5. A wonderful article, Kate! :)

  6. Great job! I love the illos you chose to go with your article! I'm sure you've inspired blogless illustrators to get going and start a blog right now!


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