Friday, April 25, 2008

Day 1 of 21

©Kathleen Rietz
I was invited by Alicia Padron and Gina Perry to participate in a 21 day challenge. The challenge is to create for 15 minutes every day. The idea is to try something new, whether it be to use a medium that you are not accustomed to, employ a challenging angle or perspective, draw characters you do not normally draw, work more loosely and spontaneously...basically to push the boundaries of your creativity and shake out of whatever rut you are in. For me, I actually started doing this in February. I have tried to develop a style of children's illustration that I like for myself and to loosen up a bit. But most of my work is done in a sketchbook, and I find that my colors often turn out muddy because the paper is really not meant for wet media. So I am going to try experimenting with other paper and board and "get out of my sketchbook" a little more.

I drew this sketch of Sunshine a few nights ago. Today I added watercolor washes to it as loosely and quickly as I could, just letting my brushstrokes show and being "okay" with the brushstrokes. I often think things like brushstrokes add character to an illustration, but I used to try to control my illustrations too much. So I am trying to break old habits.


  1. Wow my friend you are fast!! :o)

    This turned out great Kate. I really like the brushstrokes specially the ones around the bed. I know what you mean and it is refreshing to let those brushstrokes go.. happily.. everywhere. I love the colors!

    Thanks for taking a part in this Kate, is way much fun sharing the experience with friends along the way :o)

  2. Well done Kate! It's loose but everything seems to have fallen into place by magic (or skill and many years of hard work and practice!) Thanks for joining in! I'm excited to see what your 'dailies' look like.

  3. Hi! this is wonderful and how neat to take part in a 21 day challenge...nice to take a break and just create for fun...and learn new things and not be affraid...I have to take more time to just have fun with my art are a real inspiration to me and I think your work is perfection...each and every piece turns out to be another one of my favorites...

    wonderful work and I hope to see daily fun posts here as you move ahead on this challenge!

    Have a wonderful night...

  4. Thanks everyine! Diana, you should join us!

  5. I love Sunshine in color! I can imagine this drawing in a beloved children's book! The bold colors are perfect.

  6. What a great challenge to be working on. I have often looked at how to simplify my work and it is very hard! I really like the job you did on the dog and the brushstrokes just add a nice texture to the piece.
    Great job!

  7. I have been very interested in your 21 day challenge. Not knowing how you even have 15 minutes left in your busy day all the pieces from here and on up are wonderful, Kate.

  8. hey, this is a great style. I love it.


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