Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Day 9 of 21 - babies & daddies

©Kathleen Rietz
Two things I struggle to draw in my whimsical style are babies and men. So here's a shot. Facing my fears.
I struggle with finding the appropriate size for babies, and making men look masculine yet friendly. I welcome constructive suggestions or feedback.


  1. Fabulous job. Love the "5 o'clock shadow."

    This brings back many a memory from when my kids were that little. However, I don't miss the late night feedings!! :)

  2. This is lovely, Kathy. I would make the baby and the dads hands a wee bit larger.

  3. Well Dad looks pretty masculine yet friendly to me. I agree with Tom, love the he 5 o'clock shadow. It's perfect. The baby is just precious and the size looks good... although I am not an expert in that area (hee hee.)

    (I'm all hung up on the background thing now)... I really like the details in the nursery. There is a lot of fun things going on, but it doesn't fight at all. Nicely done.

  4. It's wonderful! Love the expression on the dad. so proud of himself...the baby is perfect. Great job facing your fears :o)

  5. Hi Kate...this is awesome...love the details and your background work is wonderful...

    I need to work more on backgrounds...I think I really need some focus...

  6. First, let me just say you did a wonderful job on this. You are brave to hit your fears head on.

    There is nothing sweeter than seeing a daddy with their baby.

    At first I thought the baby might be too small but I have seen wee ones that small so I don't know about that. I do agree with Roz on the hand holding the bottle. It might need to be a bit larger. I like your background.

    Your daddy looks masculine and loving at the same time which is not easy to pull off.

    Great job!

  7. Great job! I think the dad looks appropriately masculine, I would make his hand bigger as noted by others, and I would also make the baby a little bigger.

    I really like the expression and stance on the dad's face, very nice.

  8. Yes, agreed about the dad. Perfect on that one. And the baby is sweet and perfect and beautiful! Thanks for opening this up to a critique. I should do that more often. I do feel that the baby could be a wee bit bigger but then, it's true that babies do grow and change in size. However, when babies are this small perhaps they aren't as wonderfully "plump"... even though he's not a gerber baby or something like that.
    Anyway, seriously amazing job and work. Each day you shock and stun me. Keep going! Can't wait for more.

  9. Beautiful as always, Kate. Love all your details.

  10. This is so beautiful Kate!! You did a wonderful job. On everything, dad, baby and specially background :o)
    I love hoe the baby is holding dad's finger, they always do that...perfect little detail!

    If I have to say something, it would be the size of the baby and size of the hands, as I see other people have mentioned too. The baby is held a bit too high. You can tell by the babies' head. If this was a newborn he would be more cradled up and lower in the arm. But I think the position you have is lovely, we can see babie's adorable face. So I would just make baby bigger and hands too and keep the position, he would look like 3 or 4 months and the position is perfect for that.

  11. Thanks for the help everyone! I have so little experience with babies and it shows. So thanks to all of you moms and dads for your tips. I am fine drawing them once they start walking, but clueless about the 'little ones'!

  12. so many wonderful charming pieces!!

  13. Hey, I think you nailed it, even if you didn't have the stubble.

    When I create grown-up man characters I usually focus on the nose (not cute), the neck (thick), and the face (somewhat boxy).

    Then I look in the mirror and realize that I look nothing like a man.


  14. Oh good for you! Men and babies are a struggle for me to draw too. You did a great job with this!

  15. Hi Kate! The struggles you talk about sure produce good images. I am enjoying all of your posted drawings lately!

  16. Great job! Like sketched out I think the Dad looks pretty masculine and friendly.
    I like the sheep picture on the wall!:)

  17. Hi Kathleen. Your image is lovely and whimsical. I think your dad's face is definitely manly. For the body, if I was to search for something to critique, I wonder if his hips maybe could be a bit narrower, but that's a nitpick. And, personaly, I would never wear a white bath robe when I could get my hands on a blue one. ; )


  18. Hey Kate. One of the things I've learned over the years is to make the head on children/babies larger.

    Being a cartoony type guy I don't know if I have anything else to contribute, except that I like what you've done here. Your style drawing is very appealing.


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