Thursday, October 09, 2008

Autumn's Treats

Today's weather was so beautiful, you'd have to be inspired. It actually got my mind off the world's gloom-&-doom economic crisis, the sadness of the war, the upcoming election and my shrinking investments and how I am going to pay to heat my home this winter....I forgot about all of that for about 5 seconds.

I finally captured this spider with my camera today, something I have been trying to do for about 2 weeks. It lives in a peach tree near my house. It usually comes out after dark, but today when I was out walking, I spotted it having lunch. It eventually dragged the morsel back up its web and retreated into the leaves where it spends most of its time.

I also saw these interesting berries....which I am beginning to think may actually be related to some sort of peppers.

Love the textures of the berries and leaves against the fence.

I saw beetles...

and bees.

I even took Sunshine so that she could enjoy the warm autumn air. There were all kinds of good smells out there today.

And when I returned home, the postman had delivered a package for me today....these Halloween cards and envelopes arrived fresh from the printer!

All of that autumn air has me feeling generous. Leave me a comment on this post, and on October 13th I will draw 3 names. Each name I draw will win a free Halloween card with envelope!

These cards (and 8x10" prints) are also available and on sale through the end of the month at my online shop. If you buy any 8x10" print, you will also receive a free card with envelope while supplies last!

Ghoul'ed luck!


  1. Your fall photos are lovely. I especially like the yellow beetle. I would love to win one of your cute Halloween cards.

  2. Fabulous photos. That spider is really something.

    Your cards are beauties, please throw my name in the hat :)

  3. It's always nice to leave a comment for you, especially for some Autumn treats...

  4. great photos, and those are some really lovely postcards! i love the halloween illustration. consider this my entry for your giveaway :P

  5. First of all, that spider creeps me out! It DOES look like a crab! And, that beetle creeps me out too cuz I know they bite (I've learned first hand ... sneaky buggers!). Now, the rest are adorable! I do love those red berries and the shadows they cast on the wooden fence. Your cards are great too! *fingers crossed*. Please give Sunshine a hug for me. I miss her.

  6. Your cards look fantastic, the colors seem really rich and bright. Love the eyeballs in the pasta. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love that spider! (Recently took pictures of my own!) Amazing creatures.

    Good to focus on the little, beautiful things, too... to take your mind off the big, incomprehensible stuff...

  8. my boys and I were out hiking yesterday too. It was great walking weather. great photos


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