Friday, October 24, 2008

Spook-a-licious Tiny Tags Giveaway!

©Kathleen Rietz
Ready for one more Halloween giveaway? This time you can win tiny pieces of original art! Each tombstone-shaped tag is 1 1/4" X 1 1/8" (approx. 4 1/2 cm X 3 cm) and is hand painted with a different original Halloween design. Just leave me a comment on this post telling me your funniest or scariest Halloween story, and on Monday the 27th I will randomly draw 2 names from all of the people who have left me a comment. Both winners will receive 5 tags each. Ghoul'd Luck!


Congratulations to Meridith and Redheaded Stepchild for winning the Spook-a-licios Tiny Tags in the drawing!!

Thanks everyone else who left a comment with a Halloween story. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. So even though they did not win a prize, I would like to give the following titles to:

Dave: most nostalgic story
Candace: creepiest story
Edrian: best tasting costume
Ellen & Joan: stories most likely to lead to therapy later in life
Ewian: saddest (no Halloween??)

Thanx again everyone! And Happy Halloween!


  1. Kathleen,
    These are cute, I could put one on Tonka.
    The Story:
    I was 4 or 5 years this was 50 years ago when Halloween costumes were put together by Mom and not bought at the store. but it was a fun time.
    There were six kids in the family so costumes were scarce, we barely had clothes as it was.
    So Mom put a sheet over my head and cut holes for the eyes and mouth. I was a ghost! Dad walked us around the streets and we collected our goodies.
    The Sidewalk was very crowded with kids and was a time when people really trusted each other and community did not go along with the word "gated"!
    So as we walked my "Sheet" got tangled, stepped on, torn and ripped, I was devastated. My Dad quickly fixed things with a quick rip and a shred. I was no longer a ghost I was just a sheet, Dad explained to me that this was better than being "3 Sheets to the Wind"! Which I'm sure he was. I got my candy and a little lesson.


  2. Um...When I was a kid and trick or treating a creepy guy asked me to come into his house because he didn't bring the candy to the door. In the background was a kitchen table full of beer cans and drunk guys. I was totally freaked out and declined...good thing!
    Does that count? Just more disturbing I think!

  3. When I was a kid my school had a costume contest and most costumes in those days were handmade, etc. I decided to dress up as a homeless and rubbed chocolate all over my face and arms to help the 'haven't showered in days' look. However, I did not anticipate to be surrounded by flies and bugs that wanted to get a taste of the chocolate! I ended up winning the contest...the bugs probably helped me look more authentic.

  4. humm funny or scarry, I guess I am boring since all I could think up was the time I dressed up as a bum and was trick or treating with friends around our neighborhood and someone egged and saving creamed my neighbors car and said I did it but I was not even near my house at the time.

  5. Kate, I am so inspired by how interactive your blog is. I love it! And of course I am posting this time because I am greedy for your ADORABLE tags. I love everything you do. So here goes my random Halloween story:

    I'm a child of the 80's, which I suppose is a good and a bad thing. I was in love with everything Disney. I use to watch their cartoons after school a lot in elementary school. My all time favorite cartoon at the time was one where Death forces Mickey Mouse to play the piano. (Talk about weird). But I thought it was hilarious that Mickey was timidly playing this ragtime music. So I decided to be Death for Halloween. This would make me unique and intimidating, I thought. So I went to school wearing a black robe and a skeleton mask. Unfortunately to my chagrin, all of the kids thought I was Skeletor. (Some lame villian from the He-Man show). I was pretty irritated the whole day.

    Ok. That was neither scary nor funny. But I still hope it counts, because I heart your art!

  6. Hehe, I've been enjoying everyone's stories! I remember being really embarrassed every Halloween cuz my parents were really into it and managed to come up with something new to REALLY embarrassing us. Once, they got these chicken legs (toenails and all) and used them like hands to hand out bags of candy. Of course the kids thought that was pretty scary. I just remember hiding in my room hoping no one would notice they were my parents. LOL.

  7. Hi, sorry no childhood story there is not many celebrating Halloween here (in Norway). Last year we moved(just 40km) to a small town about 3000 people living here. Halloween came the house all dressed up and ready with pumpkin carved and bats in the windows and a skeleton on the door. Just waiting to have children come over for some candy... well we waited and waited, my youngest kid was ill so he could not go trick or treating. He stayed up late just waiting to have somebody come. Final, 9 o'clock there came 3 children they had seen our jack lanterns, went home and made some costumes. Yes, they have made them that same night, there was sheets and something black, unrecognisable. We LOADED them with a lot of sweets! My kid was happy, those where the only kids going trick or treating. I asked around the next week why there were so few kids. We were apparently the only family celebrating Halloween! Sadly for my children there is no one here celebrating and they did not want children begging for sweets so no trick or treating for my kids this year. When I say we are celebrating Halloween people actually make the sign of the cross saying it is not right to do....

    I must say not all people are like this. We have been celebrating Halloween for many year just not in this town.


  8. I love your blog, Kathleen!
    Back in the 1980's, my whole department at work dressed up for Halloween. I went as one of the cats from the musical "Cats" and went all-out with the face makeup, ears and tail. After work, I drove to my brother's house, which is about 30 miles away from work. If course, the traffic was horrible and it was raining. (It seems like it does that every year here in St. Louis!) While sitting in traffic in full costume, people were laughing, honking and pointing at me. I thought they all just loved my costume. When I finally got to my brother's and opened the car door, I noticed my tail was stuck in the door and, of course, all wet. I really laughed hard when I thought about what a site it was to see me driving down the highway with my tail sticking out of the bottom of the door and flapping around in the breeze!!

  9. Totally hilarious stories Kate! Congrats to those that won your little tags! I have yet to enroll into therapy but I think I should! LOL

  10. Gah! I missed 'em...I'm going to have to put an alarm on my phone to look at your blog every other day!

    a : )


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