Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday's Tasty Tidbits!

Well, I have some items worth sharing today. The book designer is currently working on designing the cover of the children's yoga book I am illustrating, so I will be able to post the finished cover soon, and you will be able to pre-order the book before it is actually released! Watch for more about that. You KNOW I will be promoting the book as much as I can when I am finally able. It is like waiting for the last day of school, though...I am SO antsy! This is the illustration that has been chosen for the book cover!

Remember these ribbons I designed for j.caroline creative ?

(photo courtesy of Caroline Devoy)
Caroline emailed me yesterday to ask me if I had a logo for my design work because she will be showing the ribbons at the International Quilt Market at the end on October in Houston, TX. So the logo design I came up with will be printed on stickers which will go on the ribbons at the show. I think that's pretty neat!

You can buy the ribbons here at j.caroline creative's online store , along with ribbons and fabrics created by a fellow blogger and designer I admire, Jessica Jones of "How About Orange" .

Also, I was recently interviewed by fellow illustrator John Blackford. Check out the interview on his blog right here (mine is about half way down the page), along with interviews of other illustrators. And take a look at John's fun illustrations, too!

Prints and notecards of my illustration "Happy Halloween" are now available and on sale through the month of October at my online shop ! Please go check them out, and see the other prints available. More will be added in the upcoming weeks as I get the shop ready for holiday shoppers.

©Kathleen Rietz

Finally, I wanted to show you a few of the photos I took while Joan Yoshioka was staying with me.

One thing I love about living where I do is that right outside the world-class city of Chicago, you can still find the beautiful prairie. It truly is an amazing place to live.

I took these photos at the Spring Valley Nature Sanctuary here in Schaumburg, IL.

Joan and I took hundreds of photos, so I am trying to weed though them and figure out the best forum in which to show them to you.

I will likely display more here and on our collaborative blog Potluck Sunday , and then put them all on Flickr.


  1. Yay!!! Your logo is beautiful ... very classy! And you know how much I love your stuff. I hope folks take the opportunity to support such a talented and gifted artist. :) I also love the pics. All of them are gorgeous and each hold wonderful memories. I'll post more on Potluck Sunday and some on my blog too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! Lot's of great stuff/news on this post!!Can't wait to see the book cover and I love the image they chose.

  3. Wow... arn't you a busy bee, Ms Rietz... LOL

  4. wow this is a big huge post Kate! :o)
    So many goodies!! You are really busy Kate, doing lots and lots. Good for you! :o)
    Can't wait to see your book!!!! I love that illo!

  5. wonderful post Kate!!! I love all the tidbits....

    the book cover looks fab!!!

    The logo you made for your ribbons is wonderful....I love it...simple and very pleasing to the eye....

    I also love all the great photos you took!!! very cool...


  6. The book cover is sweet! I love the idea of the trees trying to do the 'Tree' pose! I love your halloween picture too and of course your designs, wow you've been busy!x

  7. I love you art, and have a warm place in my heart for art teachers. I one of many that say someday I am going to illustration my children's book.

  8. Wow how many beuatiful images and a so so cute illustration in this post!!!

  9. Hey Kate! I really like the new look of your blog and your new profile pic looks great!- John

  10. These are GREAT! Very chic and simply beautiful logo. I love those cute little ribbons. And that yoga picture! How awesome. I remember my daughter spontaneously doing that pose at the age of 3. She learned it from her teacher. But I don't do yoga, and I had no clue what she was doing, so I asked, "What are you doing, honey?" "The tree." Like, duh!

  11. So many cool things!! I adore the halloween illo, too cute...and the yoga book looks so fun! My sis in law is teaching her kids yoga, they would love it!


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