Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Book!

You know how it is when you have a secret you are just bursting to tell someone?? Well I wanted to give you a 'sneak peek' at one of the new books I have been illustrating titled "The ABC's of Yoga for Kids" by author Teresa Anne Power. Teresa is a yoga instructor as well as the author. Teresa's yoga expertise combined with my ballet background has been the perfect formula in bringing this fun and instructional book to life through the illustrations of children demonstrating the poses. Teresa and the book shepherd - Brookes Nohlgren - have been so wonderful to work with. It really makes the project so much more fun when you work with people who are positive and understand each other's vision and have respect for the kind of time and work that goes into children's book illustrations. There will be close to 60 illustrations in all!

Teresa has allowed me to give you a little peek at the book. I was going to post only one illustration, but I feel these 3 are a pretty good representation of the book so far. As the holidays approach, I will add to my blog a link for pre-ordering the book. Remember this illustration that was selected by Teresa for the "book cover"?

So here are a few of the poses:

The "X"

The "Frog"

The "Dolphin"

I am so excited!! Okay...back to work!


  1. So, so cute!! Congratulations!

  2. HI Kathleen...it's been a long time ! I miss all of you guys in IF and picture bookies.. hope you're well. Great new stuff!

  3. HI Kate!!!! these are so wonderful and I can see that you're enjoying this project!!!

    I can only imagine how amazing it will be all complete...


    I will e-mail you later tonight....

  4. Oh my how CUTE!!! This will be so wonderful!

  5. These are fantastic! Congrats! It looks like a great project to be a part of.

  6. I'm so excited for you. These little snaps are so wonderful. I love how you related the kids positions to animals postions.

  7. Congrats Kathleen!
    Really love your work.
    I can see your great passion brings joy & happiness to life.
    The illustartions in this new book is so cute and inviting.
    It's so uplifting & positive.
    Fun! I better get some exercise done! Thanks.

  8. What a terrific project. (and how lucky to be working with like-minded people!)

  9. I'm so excited I get to see these in color!!! I am even more excited to see the rest of the book cuz I know they will ALL be just as cute and just as informative! Congrats my friend!

  10. What sweet illustrations and a great way to teach kids about yoga. Congrats and I hope you share more when you get a chance!

  11. so sweet - i love the frog! They look fantastic Kate, congratulations

  12. They are so adorable!! love the x, is my fav :o)
    What a wonderful job your are doing. Congrats Kate!

  13. This looks like a really fun project!
    Congrats Kate.

  14. I love them all! You are so talented!!!


  15. What a fun book this going to be! Congrats, Kate!


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